Studio 570 utilizes the concept of found space theater on our mission to engage the local arts community. Our audiences experience theater in different environments to challenge the current expectation of attending live performances. We explore projects including modern, classic, and derived plays, as well as musical theatre and cabaret-style concerts. Together, the Studio 570 team, our sponsors, and local businesses collaborate to bring artistic opportunities to audiences, actors and volunteers alike.


To produce captivating musicals, plays, new works and experiences through innovative storytelling and purposeful design, with the use of found spaces and unique locations, while cultivating a meaningful understanding and appreciation of the artistic process with a community of all ages through education and engagement.


To become a theatre company that is respected locally, recognized regionally and known nationally, and to elevate central Pennsylvania to national prominence as a unique, viable destination for world-class professional theatre.

Artistic Director: Jared Whitford

Jared Whitford, is Studio 570’s founder and artistic director. Born and raised in Williamsport, Jared left town to study theater in Pittsburgh. After finishing school he wanted to return to his hometown, because he saw a need for this company in the region. Recent credits include: Emcee/ Director (Cabaret), Director (Steel Magnolias, The Wizard of Oz, The Revolutionists, The Diary of Anne Frank), Designer (Hamlet, The Glass Menagerie, 100 Dresses)  “Daily I look toward my peers and mentors to challenge myself to grow as an artist. Never living inside the confinement of a box of right or wrong, but instead always looking for my next inspiration for a new adventure,”
Jared Whitford, Artistic Director.